The research program under the aegis of the Legal Research Chair in Food Diversity and Security focuses on local, national, regional and international law, knowing that it is difficult, not to say impossible from now on, to establish a clear boundary between these major areas of law, each of them continuously nourishing and influencing the others in a multidirectional way.

Research areas

The research program of the DDSA Chair focuses on the legal aspects of the concept of sustainable global food security. More specifically, it examines legal instruments for the protection and enhancement of agricultural and food diversity, aiming for greater coherence in agri-food law.

The research axes are as follows:

  • Contributing to the development of law in the field of sustainable food security. Building on the insights gained from research conducted during the first edition of the DDSA Chair (2014-2019) and articulated in the proposal for an International Convention on Agricultural and Food Diversity and Sustainability, the DDSA Chair will contribute to advancing standards outside the World Trade Organization (WTO) framework in sustainable food security.
  • Contributing to the integration of global food security in trade agreements. Efforts to revive multilateral negotiations within the WTO are intensifying. In this context, it is crucial that international economic law promotes the protection and enhancement of agricultural and food diversity, while considering the objective of achieving better sustainable food security.
  • Contributing to the reflection on environment issues and climate change. International law has recently recognized the importance of making sustainable food security a fundamental goal and integrating agricultural and food systems as part of the solution to environmental and climate challenges. The work of the second edition of the DDSA Chair (2019-2024) will contribute to developing law that continues to evolve this constructive relationship between agricultural and food production and environmental protection.